Superb Talent LimitedSuperb Talent Limited, a member of ListcoPRO Group, is a professional consulting firm engages in providing specialised Talent Services to listed and private companies in Hong Kong and the Greater China region founded by a team of senior corporate practitioners since 2002. Our clientele includes mostly listed companies, financial institutions and multinational organizations.

License No.: 59319


Jobs Opening

28 oct 2019 AVP / VP - Fund Operations Link to JobsDB


Talent Search

Superb Talent place specific focus in the area of talent search.

Our listed clients, and private clients with their listing exercises in the pipeline, have strong demand for high quality financial executives at all management levels. We are mandated by our clients in searching for high-caliber professionals like chief financial officer and company secretary in their human resources planning. We see this also a key element in ensuring successful corporate growth and development, and can only be accomplished through proper and effective search execution.

For most recruitment firms, the search and selection processes are straight forward, which are mostly characterized by searching and matching. Superb Talent adopts a different philosophy and focuses on identifying those in the lead, predominantly in the areas of IPO, mergers & acquisitions and public company’s practices.


The Differences

Unlike other consulting firms, we demonstrate special niche in the following areas :

  • Knowledge
  • The ample listed companies and financial industry experience, the hands-on management skills and the focus in our strength in listed companies and pre-IPO clients make our firm stand apart from others.
  • Experience
  • Our key consultants are senior practitioners in the financial and business fields and have extensive experiences in working for listed companies, multinational companies, international accounting firms and investment banking groups in the region.
  • Network
  • The strong alliances and connections to key players in professional & commercial sectors equip us with the most updated market intelligence and practices.

We provide high-quality search and selection process while our fee is competitive among the top-notch search firms.


The Search Process

Consultants at Superb Talent conduct the introductory consultation personally to identify company missions, operating environments and job specifications with our clients. Very often, due to our strong sense of market knowledge, we can also assist our clients to refine their position specifications in order to optimize their human resources planning.

We then carry out a very detailed screening process with prospective candidates to evaluate and assess the candidates’ competency, integrity and strengths. Once again, our strong market knowledge in the listing environment enables us to get an in-depth understanding of the candidates’ profiles and potentials, rendering us efficient when identifying the most appropriate candidates for our clients.


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