Acceptance of Membership Terms

The terms and conditions for the Listco Professional Develop Programme (Abbreviated as "ListcoPRO") registered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People's Republic of China. Applicants must read first and agree to the terms, then apply for registration and approval to become a member. All members should comply with the laws, regulations and other relevant rules in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People's Republic of China.

Changes in Annual Membership Terms and Fees

Terms and fees made by ListcoPRO are applicable to all member services and fees provided by ListcoPRO. In order to serve members better, ListcoPRO has the right to change the terms without its members’ approval. Any changes to the terms will be updated on the ListcoPRO official website immediately at time of change.

Membership Registration

  • "Member" is someone who applies successfully and is approved by ListcoPRO.
  • The Member holding an official ListcoPRO membership must be over the age of 18 years. Members should take full responsibility for his/her behavior during all activities of ListcoPRO.
  • After filling out the application form to become a member, the person should contact our membership representatives to register by telephone, e-mail, or fax. Persons should provide complete and detailed personal information when registering and should promptly notify a membership representative immediately if their information changes and needs to be updated. If the member does not receive any information from ListcoPRO due to incorrect personal information provided by the member, then ListcoPRO will not be held liable for any damages or compensation. All losses will be the responsibility of the member.
  • Members of the ListcoPRO agree to receive e-mails and information through other channels from ListcoPRO and its partners.
  • Members cannot use any logo, images, or data/information, belonging to ListcoPRO without first obtaining written permission from ListcoPRO.

Membership Confidentiality

  • All personal information of members will remain confidential. ListcoPRO will not provide/share this information to a third party who is not related to ListcoPRO and its services, without first receiving permission from the member.
  • To better serve ListcoPRO members, ListcoPRO members agree for part of their personal information to be shared with companies or organizations directly related to, and approved by ListcoPRO.

Force Majeure

  • ListcoPRO has an obligation to provide all services and assistance (where possible) for each membership category to its members.
  • In the event of any unforeseeable circumstance including but not limited to earthquake, volcanic eruption, thunderstroke, fire, flood, tsunami, typhoon, terrorists’ attack, war, strike, government restriction, cancellation by the Speaker due to serious illness or unforeseen emergency (the “Force Majeure Event”), then ListcoPRO will not be held liable for damages or compensation. In case of cancellation or postponement, members will be informed at least one day before the event. Any registration fees paid for that particular event will be transferred to the next available meeting or event, or refunded to the member in full in 45 days.

Membership Termination

Below are the reasons for ListcoPRO to terminate membership:

  • Member provides false information to register to join ListcoPRO.
  • Member uses false, forged or illegally obtained travel documents or credit cards.
  • Member uses his/her membership card and online login username and password inappropriately, or allows non-member(s) to use it without permission of ListcoPRO.
  • Member interferes or attempts to interfere with the normal running of ListcoPRO.
  • Member use any logo, images, or data/information, belonging to ListcoPRO without first obtaining written permission from ListcoPRO.
  • Member infringes the trademark, copyright, privacy or commercial rights of ListcoPRO, ListcoPRO members or third parties.
  • Member’s behavior is illegal under the laws or regulations of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, or countries where ListcoPRO activities are carried out.
  • Any member whose membership is terminated for any of the above reasons must bear all legal responsibilities and ListcoPRO will not compensate the member for remaining time on their membership.

Voluntary Membership Termination

Members are able to voluntary terminate their membership at any time during their one year membership period. Any fees paid to ListcoPRO, if any, cannot be refunded and all rights by the member will be waived.

Dispute Resolution

Any disputes arising between the Member and ListcoPRO on fulfillment of membership services shall be resolved through friendly consultation. If consultation fails, then both the Member and ListcoPRO agree to submit such dispute to the Hong Kong S.A.R. The place of arbitration shall be the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and the arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in English.

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